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(Air-Time Inventory Management System)


ATIMS is the newest and most comprehensive search and booking tool for booking radio advertising breaks, right across South Africa. We have designed a seamless platform to make it an effortless process to filter your target audience by location, LSM/SEM, language and, of course, by your budget. ATIMS simplifies the arduous process of audience-building and radio advertising submissions away, allowing your brand to reach the right customers, in the right location, and at the right times.

Our lightning-fast engine makes building a campaign easier and faster than ever before. Whether you are a small service provider or a listed company on the JSE, ATIMS instantly connects you to a wide (and growing) network of stations and feature shows that will amplify your brand to BE HEARD, BE SEEN and BE KNOWN.

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With the launch of our platform, and advertisers actively seeking prime radio breaks to promote their brands, there has never been a better opportunity for radio stations to fill up their available advertising spots while generating much needed additional income streams. Much like airline flight structuring model, ATIMS automatically aggregates and adjusts the price on the criteria you set, so the price will fluctuate according to your specific Tx ratio.

How It Works

Once you have listed your inventory of radio advertising breaks on the ATIMS portal, our system will convert to your client base through the following steps.

  • Prospective buyer searches and chooses your spots to build their campaign
  • Once a buyer has booked and paid for their chosen radio ad breaks and frequency of broadcasts, ATIMS will notify you of the breaks they have booked, specified by date, show, and order.
  • The buyer will then directly send you their respective media files (in the format you specify) for your team to compile, upload and schedule their advertising breaks.
  • ATIMS handles all monetary transactions through our secure portal and will pay you directly for completed bookings, once completed, and cleared, on our system.

List your Station on ATIMS

ATIMS manages and updates the search and bookings engine in real-time, allowing your station and feature shows to appear directly in front of your target market. We are the gateway between brands and the radio broadcasters who hold the ‘ears’ to their desired target audience . We can integrate with our API or import inventory with the following criteria

To list your station on the ATIMS, we require the following details:

  • Station Name
  • Show names, times and dates (e.g. Morning Drive, Monday-Friday – 6am-9am)
    • Prices per spot during the shows
  • Amount of advertising spots permitted HOURLY, and if you facilitate additional live reads
  • A Price/time adjustment ratio, if applicable.

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