Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ATIMS?

    ATIMS is essentially an online platform two-way interaction between prospective advertisers (buyers) and radio stations (hosts) to connect and build radio campaigns, generating brand exposure for the buyer and advertising revenue for the station(s).
  • What radio audience can I reach, by booking through ATIMS?

    ATIMS allows brands to filter their target audience by location, LSM/SEM, language and, ultimately, by their budget. You are in control of every aspect of the radio airplay you seek.
  • What does it cost to use ATIMS?

    ATIMS does not charge any upfront or hidden costs to register an account and/or book advertising slots through the platform. The total cost of each campaign that you build and purchase, is exactly what you will pay.
  • How do I create an ATIMS account??

    Simple! Visit our sign up page , add your contact email address and follow the Email verification process. Your account will automatically be created, allowing you to build and purchase radio campaigns through our platform.
  • I’ve forgotten my Login Password. What next?

    Don’t stress! Click here to reset your password, and quickly recover your access to ATIMS.
  • Can I view recent Campaign Purchases on my ATIMS Profile?

    Perhaps you want to re-run a recent successful campaign, or want to make adjustments to a previous campaign, without building from scratch? ATIMS stores and displays your campaign history, allowing you to re-activate or modify previous campaigns in just a few clicks.
  • What payment methods does ATIMS accept?

    All transactions are processed through a secure payment portal. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club International.
  • Can I buy radio slots now, and pay later?

    This option is not currently available. All radio ad breaks must be paid for in full, before your audio files are accepted by stations, and uploaded and scheduled. For any Customer or Account queries, you can contact us at
  • I’ve booked my first radio campaign. What happens next?

    Once you have booked and paid for your chosen radio ad breaks and frequency of broadcasts, ATIMS will notify stations of the breaks booked, specified by date, show, and order. You will then be prompted to directly send your respective media files for radio stations to compile, upload and schedule into their advertising breaks.
  • Do you offer Live Support?

    Yes we do. Click on the “Need Help” button at the bottom of the screen, in order to be assisted on the website. If you still require urgent assistance, please email us at and we will make direct contact to assist you further.